Welcome to the East Midlands South Maths Hub. We are having a few difficulties with our website, so this is just a holding page. If you would like more information, please emails us: admin[at]emsmathshub.org.uk.

Below is a list of our Work Groups.

Code    Work Group Title
NCP21-07 Mastering Number Work Groups
NCP21-08 Mastery Readiness Work Groups
NCP21-09 Primary TfM Development Work Groups
NCP21-11 Primary TfM Sustaining Work Groups
NCP21-12 Secondary TfM Development Work Groups
NCP21-14 Secondary TfM Embedding and Sustaining Work Groups
NCP21-16 Secondary Maths MAT Leads: leading and developing mathematics teaching
NCP21-18 Years 7-11 Coherence Work Groups
NCP21-19 Years 5-8 Continuity Work Groups
NCP21-20 Supporting Post-16 GCSE Resit Work Groups
NCP21-21 New to teaching Core Maths Programmes
NCP21-22 Developing Core Maths Pedagogy Work Groups
NCP21-23 A-level Pedagogy Work Groups
NCP21-24 Strengthening partnerships with ITT providers Work Groups
NCP21-25 Specialist Knowledge for Early Years Teachers
NCP21-26 Specialist Knowledge for Primary Teachers
NCP21-27 Specialist Knowledge for Primary Teaching Assistants
NCP21-28 Specialist Knowledge for Primary Early Career Teachers
NCP21-29 Specialist Knowledge for Secondary Early Career Teachers
NCP21-30 Specialist Knowledge for Secondary Non-specialist Teachers

Please contact us at admin[at]emsmathshub.org.uk for any information about these Work Groups